How do I purchase a Desert Power Wagon?

A Desert Power Wagon may be purchased from completed inventory or you may have a custom built power wagon. Available inventory can be found on our inventory page. For a custom build simply contact our office and one of our sales team members will contact you and will guide you through the process of picking your options tailored to your specifications.

How do I pay for a Desert Power Wagon?

If you’re acquiring a Desert Power Wagon out of our inventory, you would pay cash via wire transfer prior to delivery. If you’re ordering a custom Desert Power Wagon with specific requirements we require a payments as follows:

1. A 30% non-refundable down payment of the estimated purchase price
2. A second payment of 30% is due upon completion of the chassis and power plant assembly.
3. The third payment of 30% is due once the vehicle is painted.
4. The final payment of 10% is due prior on completion and prior to shipping.

How is a Desert Power Wagon shipped to me?

The buyer may choose whatever method of delivery they would like. Either pick it up and drive home or have it shipped. We recommend shipping by Reliable Carriers, Inc. in an enclosed shipping container.

How do I get my Desert Power Wagon repaired if it has a problem?

Our power plants are not unique and repairs are available at most mechanic shops. All parts used to build your Desert Power Wagon are available from our suppliers.

What about title and registration?

All of our vehicles come with an Arizona title. You will have to check with your state licensing departments for title and registration requirements.

What about insurance for my Desert Power Wagon?

We currently insure all of our Desert Power Wagons through Hagerty, http://www.hagerty.com.